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WSYL Radio Sylvania - the radio voice for Sylvania City and Township

This internet radio station is here for everyone but primarily to serve the nearly 60,000 residents of Sylvania City and Township. We are a community radio station offering local as well as statewide news and information, weather, high school sports

Linde Webb Partner - Lydy & Moan Ltd. Attorneys
Linde Webb Partner - Lydy & Moan Ltd. Attorneys

Ms. Webb is a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General for the Ohio Department of Transportation for N.W. Ohio. She is in privat...

Manhattan's Pub 'N Cheer
Manhattan's Pub 'N Cheer

The Lahey family has shaped their own style of dining in this growing downtown Toledo locale and has what they call a “New York...

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Toledo Power Washing Team Johnson

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Legacy Golf Club

I couldn't be happier, or more proud, that the Legacy Golf Club is our featured golf course and driving range for MyM...

Lee Winters Florist

Lee Winters handle the flowers for our daughter's wedding last year. The service - and patience - was more than we co...

Duke Architecture & Design, LLC

I need to hire you!

Greg Kissner
Uraku Japanese Restaurant

If you are looking for a change of pace, try Uraku in Bowling Green. This overlooked and underrated restaurant is a g...


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Duke Achitecture & Design LLC
Duke Achitecture & Design LLC

SERVICES OFFERED: Voice overs for book or commercials. Duke Architecture & Design

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29 Used Car Buying Tips from an Old Car Dog
29 Used Car Buying Tips from an Old Car Dog

You can find tons of cars for sale in Metro Toledo. I'll help you find the best used car for you. You can find deals on used tr...